Gróf Degenfeld – Tokaji Hárslevelű A Terézia 2015

Degenfeld - Terezia photo

Variety: Hárslevelű
Vineyard: Tarcal
Planted: 2008
Ground: Genetically: Ramann brown forest soil
Bedrock: loess
Mechanical composition: clay loam
Harvest: 15th September – 1st October 2015

12.5 % vol.
Sugar: 7.5 g/l

Winemaking: Perfectly ripe grapes were selected, 1 kg / vine. Ideal acidity, sugar and pH balance were carefully considered to choose the perfect harvest time. The grapes arrived to the winery at under 18 °C and after the selection table were destemmed, lightly crushed and gently pressed. Only the pure must was used for this lot. One-day settling in stainless steel then cooled fermentation in barrel. Five months aging in second-fill 500-l Kádár barrels, bottling in mid-March.

Wine tasting: “This wine is rare among Hárslevelű wines. Its firmness and serious character can perhaps show the variety’s true nature. Stronger minerality than the usual honey-linden tones. Superb grapes, substantial and concentrated in the structure. Still very young, we feel the barrel but it cannot repress the elegant acidity. Expressly long, full and complex wine.” (Gabriella Mészáros)

Estimate: 136 litres / 182 x 750 ml
675–947 000 HUF/barrel (2180–3060 EUR/barrel)
3700–5200 HUF/bottle (12–17 EUR/bottle)

Download: Gróf Degenfeld – Tokaji Hárslevelű A Terézia 2015

Gróf Degenfeld
H–3915 Tarcal, Terézia kert 9.
Tel.: +36 20 996 8182
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