Tokaj Kikelet

In 1994 Stéphanie Berecz from the Loire Valley graduated in winemaking in Bordeaux and moved to Tokaj for a couple of months to gain experience with a highly respected international team of experts. But the Tokaj Wine Region was to become her new home.

In 2002 she and her husband Zsolt Berecz decided to found their own family estate. They work in a characterful underground cellar with aging branch that is several hundred years old. The winery is called Kikelet. They currently own five hectares where the vines are 50 % Furmint and 50 % Hárslevelű. They bottle around 14 000 bottles a year. The grapes undergo strict selection during the hand harvest. Fermentation and aging are in the barrel and their elegant wines, which reflect the grape varieties and terroir are served in several Michelin-star restaurants in Hungary and abroad.

The highest awards to date are:
– Pannon bormustra (international MW judges) 2011, Champion (2007 Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos),
– in 2014 Stéphanie Berecz won the title Winemaker of Winemakers in Hungary.

Wines offered at 2017 Great Tokaj Wine Auction:
Váti-dűlő Hárslevelű 2016

Kikelet Pince
3915 Tarcal
Könyves Kálmán u. 62.

Tel.: +36 30 636 9046
Fax: +36 47 352 141

Tokaj Kikelet