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The vineyards of Tállya have been regarded as outstanding terroir for centuries. Since 2014 Márton Estate has been cultivating superb lands in Tállya that were mentioned in records dating from the 1600s: Palánta, Sipos, Vároldal, Pipiske and Bárfai. These first-growth vineyards, each with different aspects, are linked to various great families who participated in founding the wine culture in the Tokaj Wine Region – and the Márton Estate would like to continue this tradition. All the distinctive soils of the region can be found here in the 8.5-hectare estate and so each of the single-vineyard wines presents the history and character of a Tállya vineyard. The first bottling was Rigófütty Hárslevelű, and in 2014 the estate presented a wine range from four lots – elegant, complex and vibrant, just like the birds they are named after.

Sípos-dűlő Furmint 2016

Márton Birtok
3907 Tállya, Esze T. u. 25.
Tel.: + 36 70 583 5296

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