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The Tokaj-Hétszőlő estate’s first-class vineyards lie on south-facing slopes near the town of Tokaj. The history of the 55-hectare Tokaj-Hétszőlő estate began in 1502
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Szent Benedek Winery

Tállya is the geographical centre of Europe, and the winery is named after St Benedict, the European patron saint of wineries. The winery was founded in 2002 with the aim of creating a small artisan estate using strict vine yield control, gentle and meticulous work in the winery.
Samuel Tinon Tokaj Grand Liquoreux

Samuel Tinon Grands Vins de Tokaj

Since the incredible vintage 2000, which allowed him to start his great adventure as a Tokaj producer, Samuel Tinon has strived continually to express the best of the Aszú berries.
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A small family business in Olaszliszka. Currently this dynamically developing winery owns six hectares Their first wines to be sold were made in 2011.


HOLDVÖLGY was born from a birthday present, a small vineyard parcel. The owner Pascal Demkó was became enthralled by the uniqueness of the Tokaj wine region and its hidden potential: today the estate has grown to 26 hectares and each parcel in is historically classified Crus.
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Grand Tokaj

This winery that owns 70 hectares of vineyards is a key player in the wine region: it is responsible for some 40 % of the region’s total wine production. As the regional integrator it buys grapes from some 1100 hectares from around 1500 small-scale vine growers.
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Disznókő is a trendsetter. This historical 104-ha estate, part of the AXA Millésimes group since 1992 is playing a defining role in the rebirth of Tokaji wines
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Their philosophy is that in order to preserve values, they have to find a balance with nature and once again live according to the cycle of the universe.
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Barta Winery

The replanting of the Old King vineyard, one of the most imposing and steepest areas of Király Hill, began in 2003. After nearly three years’ work, this legendary 10-ha terraced estate had been revived. During restoration we managed to preserve the terraces that had evolved over centuries.

Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2016 – starting prices and order released!

Delighted to reveal the starting prices and order for the Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2016 to be held in the town of Tokaj on 23rd April 2016.
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Zsirai Winery

“Creation, care, thoroughness, values, protection, persistence, love, joy, beauty, charm, simplicity, feeling, understanding, uniqueness” (Csaba Zsirai, 1961-2011)