Miklos Katona – a portrait

Katona Mikós a Tokaji Borlovagrend bor oktatási ügyekért felelős igazgatója az Egyesült Államokban

Katona MikósMiklos Katona has started to help establishing the Confrérie de Tokaj in the United States a year ago. As the Director of Wine Education, he’s very proud of serving its cause. “People here in the States are excited about the energy what the region and the wines spread. Our work only starts now. They’re ready for more! I also believe that the market is ready for those wines, I see the issue with the distribution. Once we can connect all these dots the region will be in its best position. Tokaj makes the best sweet wines of the world, the dry wines has amazing potential, Tokaj has something unique to offer such as Szamorodni and we haven’t even talked about the sparkling wines yet. Many people thinks that the Golden era of Tokaj was a couple century ago. Let me tell you the Golden Era of Tokaj is Today!” The Confrérie will go forward slowly but surely, and with trust. As the Wine Manager of the Costa di Mare, the most amazing seefood focused restaurant of the States, based in Wynn Las Vegas, this Hungarian born sommelier knows what he’s talking about as far as Tokaj and food and wine pairing are concerned. “A dry Furmint (oaked or unoaked) is a must in such a restaurant. To create a whole and memorable experience the sweet wines at the end are great tools. It could be a 5 puttonyos Aszu with your gelato or an Essencia in a crystal spoon.”