Confrérie finds home at 67 Pall Mall

Londoni 67 Pall Pall klub adott otthont a Borlovagrendnek

Confrérie members Grant Ashton (owner of the exclusive London wine club) and Ronan Sayburn MS (Head of Wine) welcomed the Confrérie de Tokaj for the start of a promising partnership between the two organisations. The club will broadcast live the Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2018, so members have the chance to experience the Auction, taste lots on offer and even bid from the comfort of the London base. After a walking tasting primarily organised for trade on 28 th November 2017, the Confrérie staged the masterclass, Tokaj Tasting, which was opened by Hungarian Ambassador in London Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky. The tasting included excellent Tokaji wines from Erzsébet Pince, Samuel Tinon, Patrícius, Royal Tokaji, Disznókő, Szepsy and Grand Tokaj, as well as the unique chance to taste lots to be presented at the upcoming Auction on 21st April 2018.

Caroline Gilby MW’s words sum up the event: “It is always exciting to taste the great wines from Tokaj. I think the fact that the sweet Aszú wines are world class is almost a given, but it is good to see the versatility and strength-in- depth of this region as it has matured and got to grips with the amazing volcanic terroirs, helped by its fantastic grapes. Lovely wines in all guises from fine sparkling via superb dry wines, fabulous Szamorodni (both in complex dry versions and luscious sweet styles) plus a sneak preview of some young vintages and special auction lots. A tasting not to miss.” The event was also a chance for existing Confrérie members in the UK to receive their Confrérie scarf and reconnect with Tokaj winemakers and their wines. David Copp had this to say: “Tasting in the Wine Club at 67 Pall Mall made the experience even better and I was very honoured to be presented with the Confrerie scarf which l will wear with pride at every suitable opportunity. The master class

was a wonderful opportunity for me to assess the progress that has been made with dry Furmint. And I delighted in the sheer elegance of the dry wines we tasted. I now drink mostly late harvest wines and was delighted with the elegance and sophistication of the samples we tasted. Aszú is always a pleasure to taste because there are wonderful layers of aroma and taste. To sum up I congratulate the winemakers who have moved onwards and upwards. These are elegant sophisticated wines that delight the mind as well as the tongue. A huge Thank You to the winemakers for making the journey over and giving us so much pleasure. Thank you Confrérie for including me among you. I really hope to be with you in Tokaj in 2018.”

Londoni 67 Pall Pall klub adott otthont a Borlovagrendnek

Wineries and producers represented at the event: Patricius, Erszébett Pince, Sanuel Tinon, Royal Tokaji, Disznókő, Szepsy, Grand Tokaj