2017 Tokaj Day in Warsaw: a full success

Hatalmas siker volt a 2017-es Tokaj Nap Varsóban

More than 600 wine lovers and trade professionals visited the Tokaj Day in Warsaw on Monday 20 November.  Organised by the country’s leading wine website, Winicjatywa, the event confirmed Poland as one of the most prospective markets for the Hungarian nectar. Winicjatywa director and mastermind of the event, Wojciech Bońkowski, says: „Polish wine drinkers love Tokaj—both the dry and luscious sweet version. We also have a deep appreciation of the region’s tradition and quality renaissance. This was our biggest event so far, and I am thrilled with the attendance and the response of our public to those great wines”.

Winicjatywa have organised a Tokaj tasting each year since 2012. This year, with a new event format, 29 producers from Tokaj participated. The next edition will take place in November 2018.

Wineries and producers represented at the event: Barta Winery, Grand Tokaj, Tokaj Hétszőlő, Disznókő, Samuel Tinon, Kvaszinger