Barrel lots of the 2018 Great Tokaj Wine Auction

Myrtus Vigyorgó-dűlő Botrytis Furmint 2016

Myrtus - Vigyorgó-dűlő Botrytis Furmint 2016

All grapes, all apricot, everything is about the fruitiness. Quince jelly, gingerbread spices and fresh apricot jam in symphony ...
Disznókő Tokaji Furmint-Hárslevelű 2017

Disznókő - Tokaji Furmint-Hárslevelű 2017

Superb structure, outstanding acidity, liveliness to the end in the mouth. This is 100 % Hárslevelű. Long, substantial and elegant all at once ...
Tokaj Kikelet Lónyai-dűlő Furmint 2017

Tokaj Kikelet - Lónyai-dűlő Furmint 2017

Citrus are mainly perceptible in the aromatic profile, substantial, rich and complex. Sprightly acids, impeccable balance ...
Sauska Dorgó-dűlő Furmint 2017

Sauska - Dorgó-dűlő Furmint 2017

Incredibly lively, a complex wine, smooth with warm tones. The barrel spices and quince-pear notes can all be found in the decorative flavours ...
Sárospataki Borterasz Megyer-dűlő Furmint 2017

Sárospataki Borterasz - Megyer-dűlő Furmint 2017

We feel a refined feeling wine in the mouth with good but not extreme acids. Impeccable structure, fresh and defined retaining the refined texture to the end ...
Patricius Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos Selection 2016

Patricius - Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos Selection 2016

Its acids are lively and the flavours richly bring the already familiar pear, apple and chamomile character. Long wine with serious potential ...
Myrtus Lestár-dűlő Hárslevelű 2017

Myrtus - Lestár-dűlő Hárslevelű 2017

Clean, defined, youthful and lively nose with honey, aniseed, linden blossom and lots of other herbs. Plenty of good acids give the backbone to the mouth that helped develop the good balance ...
Kvaszinger Meszes-dűlő Furmint 2017

Kvaszinger - Meszes-dűlő Furmint 2017

Clean and quite intensive nose, sweetish, floral spiciness. It brings the character of spring meadows ...
Tokaj-Hétszőlő Kis-Garai-dűlő Furmint 2017

Tokaj-Hétszőlő - Kis-Garai-dűlő Furmint 2017

Vegetal notes are discernible in the mouth with the slight toasted aromas of barrel aging. Concentrated and complex wine, good proportions, long and substantial finish ...
Füleky Sajgó-dűlő Furmint 2017

Füleky - Sajgó-dűlő Furmint 2017

Totally clear, with the character of an almost completely finished wine. Less spice more citrus. Lively acids, good structure ...
Disznókő Lajosok-dűlő Furmint 2017

Disznókő - Lajosok-dűlő Furmint 2017

Pear and spices, lively and exciting. Beautiful structure, the acids are expressly lively and dynamic ...