Disznókő Lajosok-dűlő 2016, Tokaji Száraz Furmint

Disznókő Lajosok-dűlő 2016, Tokaji Száraz Furmint

Variety: Furmint
Vineyard: Mezőzombor, Lajosok-dűlő
Planted: 2000
Ground: rhyolite (biotite), clay
Harvest: 10th October 2016
Alcohol: 12.5 % vol.
Sugar: 1 g/l


We harvested the perfectly ripe, healthy bunches in small 20 kg boxes and pressed them in the pneumatic press at low pressure without destemming. The must fermented in 500-litre, second-fill Zemplén oak barrels for about three weeks. After fermentation, racking and stabilisation the wine is aging in the same barrel. Only 136 litres of the 500-litre lot will be bottled independently and this will be offered especially for the Confrérie Auction.

Wine tasting

“Lajosok dűlő is the highest lying land of the winery, above Kapi-dűlő which has become legendary. The vines grow on rhyolite base rock with clay and loess, thus strengthening the wines defined structure. The structure of this wine aged in 500-litre barrel is defined by the acidity and refined tannins. Despite the relatively late harvest, it carries no notes typical of late harvest wines. Beginning with a clean and defined nose, not overly explicit but with quite intensive fruit, it is lively with a slight vegetal touch. In the mouth all the tiniest details are in order in this subtly complex wine with smooth texture. The fruits come through less on the palate, rather the soil and subtle barrel use. Long in the mouth, a substantial wine. ” (Gabriella Mészáros)