Zsirai Winery – Tokaji Furmint Középhegy 25-ös hordó 2015

Zsirai vineyard photo

Variety: Furmint
Vineyard: Mád, Középhegy
Planted: early 1970s
Ground: red clay, rhyolite tuff, quartz
Harvest: 19th September and 7th October

13 % vol.
Sugar: 4-5 g/l

Winemaking: blend of grapes from several pickings. After each harvest we destemmed the grapes and macerated them in the must for 3-4 hours. Then it was gently pressed before spontaneous fermentation of the wine in the barrel. We blended them after fermentation and are currently aging it in a 136-l barrel.

Wine tasting: “Vibrant spiciness in the nose with mint, aniseed, slight saltiness. A touch restrained but opens beautifully with some air. Distinct acids in the mouth, lively but not overpowering in quantity or quality. A hint of tannin perceptible next to the acids. Expressly long and extended on the palate. A subtly restrained herbiness combines with the salty-mineral notes. Straight, beautiful structure that is right at the start of its development.” (Gabriella Mészáros)

Estimate: 136 litres / 182 x 750 ml
783 000–1092 000 HUF/barrel (2530–3530 EUR/barrel)
4300–6000 HUF/bottle (14–19 EUR/bottle)

Zsirai Winery
H-3909 Mád, Batthyány u. 71.
Tel.: +36 30 333 1887

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