Béres Winery – Tokaji F&Z 2015

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Variety: Furmint, Zéta
Vineyard: Erdőbénye, Lőcse-, Diókút-dűlő
Planted: 2004
Ground: Looser structure in the upper parts, grit, rhyolite tuff pebbles with perlite stones. The bedrock is rhyolite lava and rhyolite tuff to about 100 metres deep.
Harvest: October

13 % vol.
Sugar: 1.8 g/l

Winemaking: Béres F&Z 2015 is a unique lot we prepared specifically for the 2016 Auction. In early October at Béres we harvested healthy ripe Furmint and Zéta grapes perfect for dry wine. This special occasion inspired us to make an experimental blend of the two varieties. After destemming and crushing, the must settled overnight. Fermentation was in oak barrels made in Erdőbénye. After fermentation we kept the wine on fine lees until late February, with stirring twice a week..

The experiment fulfilled our hopes: the large flavour of Zéta suits Furmint very well. The wine’s extraordinary aromas of tropical fruits and peach grab you the instant you discover the nose. On tasting this elegant, taut structured wine is complemented by the distinctiveness of Furmint and a few months barrel aging.

Wine tasting: “Unique, a rare composition. Zéta from Diókút, Furmint from Lőcse-dűlő. On tasting the distinctly perfumed Zéta aromas do not smother the wine, they give a fresh, slightly sweet floweriness. Alongside the flowery character is a discernible spiciness. Incredibly lively acids, a touch of tannin from barrel fermentation complements the wine’s masculine side. Friendlier fruit and peach nature dominate in the mouth. Good balance, fabulously long finish.” (Gabriella Mészáros)

Estimate: 136 litres / 182 x 750 ml
675–947 000 HUF/barrel (2180–3060 EUR/barrel)
3700–5200 HUF/bottle (12–17 EUR/bottle)

Download: Beres – Tokaji F&Z 2015

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