Szepsy Winery

Szepsy István

Szepsy Winery is owned and run by the family members. The family currently own 22 vineyards in 6 villages, most in historically well-recognised terroirs. Three wine types: Aszú, Szamorodni and dry Furmint wines.
Strict principles govern the production: high-lying, stony vineyards, old vines, small-bunch Furmint preferred, low yield per vine, achieved with several green harvests, avoidance of all forms of fertiliser, no use of soil herbicides and pesticides. Wines are fermented and aged in Zemplén light-medium toasted oak barrels.

Wine offered at 2015 Great Tokaj Wine Auction:
Szepsy Aszú 6 puttonyos 2011

Szepsy Winery
H-3909 Mád
Batthyány u. 59.
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