Pajzos Tokaj



Pajzos was established in 1991 by 12 investors. The current owner, agricultural engineer Jean-Louis Laborde, was in the background of the winery until 1997. In 2000 M. Laborde secured a majority share and replanted the Pajzos vineyard, ensuring optimal grape production. Since then our Pajzos wines have found their place at dinner tables, in prestigious restaurants and at exclusive gala dinners in numerous countries, thus the building fame of the Tokaj Wine Region and Tokaji wines.
We make Pajzos wines from the premium grapes of the Pajzos vineyard in Bodrogolaszi and the Megyer in Sárospatak. These wines are made according to Tokaj traditions with great care in the vineyard and cellar. Some wines are barrel aged, some – in line with modern winemaking techniques – are made reductively.

Wine offered at 2017 Great Tokaj Wine Auction: 
Tokaji Dry Megyer-dűlő Furmint 2/1 Hárslevelű 2016
Pajzos Esszencia 2013

Pajzos Zrt.
H-3950 Sárospatak, Nagy Lajos u. 12
Tel.: +3647 312 310