Selection of wines for the 2018 Great Tokaj Wine Auction begins

Ronn Wiegand

Ronn Wiegand (MS, MW), head of the tasting committee started tasting wines for the 2018 Great Tokaj Wine Auction before the harvest started. He said the Szamorodni and Tokaji Aszú wines he tasted are all of the highest quality. In his tasting notes we writes of wonderful aromas and complex fruit.

In my opinion all the lots from the 2015 and 2016 vintages are excellent or outstanding

writes the Master of Wine.

The upcoming wine auction on 21st April 2018 promises to have the largest number of lots of any wine auction in the region. Alongside plenty of sweet lots will be a good number of dry wines too, all created by top Tokaj producers who make these wines specifically with the 2018 Great Wine Auction in mind.

One thing is certain, the Tokaj Wine Region will be buzzing once again for the weekend of Tokaj Spring, as international wine professionals and lovers arrive to experience the wonders of Tokaj.

Ronn Wiegand