On 7th August our dear friend Tamás Dusóczky, Grand Maitre of the Confrérie de Tokaj died in a tragic car accident near Szegi.

He had arrived the previous day to prepare for the presentation of his book as part of the Zemplén Festival. The event will be held at 6 pm on 15th August in the Old Palace of the Rákóczi Castle in Sárospatak. 

The Conférie is inviting all members to participate in the event to bid farewell to our friend Tamás.

Dress code: Confrérie scarf, Confrérie dress if you have it

Tamás’s funeral will be held at a later date in Mád.

Dusóczky Tamás

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Ist Tokaj Fair – Invitations to wine professionals

Dear wine professional,

We are delighted to invite you and your colleagues to the Ist Tokaj Fair and tasting, the first wine fair in the Tokaj Wine Region – with over 30 top Tokaj producers.

Guests include importers, wholesalers, HoReCa and supermarket representatives and owners, suppliers, and wine professionals and journalists. Our guests will have the opportunity to get first-hand information from wineries about their wines for which they are looking for markets, the newest wines and contacts. We hope much professional cooperation will result from this fair.

Participating wineries can be seen below. As well as a general selection of tokaj producers we are also joined by the Mád Circle and Tokaj Renaissance sections. Participation is only open to wine professionals and is free. But we ask guests to register to


Wine dinner in the Aszú House, Mád

Aszú House, Mád: Winemaker dinner with President of the Confrérie de Tokaj, István Szepsy, and Gábor Rakaczki, Sauska Tokaj winemaker

Invalid Displayed Gallery

Sauska pezsgő extra brut
Salmon rilette, radish
beetroot meringue, duck liver

Sauska Tokaj Medve Furmint 2013
Marinated herring, green apple, portobello mushroom, greens

Sauska Tokaj Birsalmás Furmint 2012
Sorrel cream soup, beef cheek

Szepsy Úrágya 91 Furmint 2014
Breast of quail, cous-cous, mint

Szepsy Szent Tamás Furmint 2007
Slow-cooked lamb, ras-el-hanout, spring vegetables, buttery potato purée

Szepsy Szamorodni 2012
Ginger belly pork, pak choi, sticky rice

Sauska Late Harvest 2014
Marzipan, wild strawberry, rhubarb, basil

Szepsy Aszú 2006, Sauska Aszú 2003
Cheese selection

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New members to promote Tokaj and its wines

Photo of Confrerie intronisation - Rakoczi cellar, Tokaj We are pleased to announce that Grant Ashton and Ronan Sayburn MS, founder and head sommelier of 67 Pall Mall, a private members’ wine club in London, have been admitted into the Confrérie de Tokaj.

The intronisation ceremony was held in the Rákóczi Cellar in the centre of Tokaj town on 25th January. The two new Confrérie members visited the region with the view of selecting a range of Tokaji wines for 67 Pall Mall’s extensive wine list.

Their intronisation is the first step of a long-term cooperation between the Confrérie de Tokaj and the prestigious wine club. 67 Pall Mall wants to ensure a high-level representation of the Confrérie de Tokaj in the UK, thus contributing to the Confrérie mission to promote the reputation of our wine region and Tokaji wines.New Confrerie members photo

Great Tokaj Wine Auction – for the fourth time!

Collecting, enjoying wine, curiosity, or pure trade? Whatever the motive may be, those who join the Great Tokaj Wine Auction on 23rd April 2016 will not regret it. The wines are wonderfully exciting.

The Confrérie de Tokaj staged the first Great Tokaj Wine Auction in April 2013. A trial auction, a format which is neither a tradition in the Tokaj wine region nor the sphere of Tokaji wines. At any auction, lots are rare wines that are difficult to procure, perhaps even impossible by any other means. And the Confrérie continues this practice so those interested in bidding have an array of wines to bid for that are not otherwise commercially available.

Nagy Tokaji Borárverés - Tokaji Borlovagrend cimkePreparation for the auctions always becomes truly dynamic with the arrival of the new wines. Producers ponder as to which wines to enter, the Confrérie de Tokaj Wine Committee starts the selection. What will remain the same in 2016 as in other years, what will be different? Every year changes. And not only because the lots that go under the hammer vary, but also because the attitude of the producers changes from year to year. The number of potential buyers is growing noticeably every year, and those “calling from the sidelines” already form a crowded camp.

Why is it worth someone making the journey to the Tokaj wine region if they do not want to buy? Well, they may join the tasting of all the lots on the morning of auction day. Only then and there, as just a few hours later this possibility becomes the exclusive right of the lucky buyer. So this tasting is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to experience these wines of which only 130 to 250 bottles are produced.

For the 2016 Auction producers will have the option to sell lots that are already bottled. Naturally only in the quantity and form that would otherwise not be traded. This is particularly important for foreign buyers, who are appearing in increasing numbers and are most interested in the Aszú and aged wines. But another main aim of the Confrérie is to make more wine lovers aware of the potential in dry Tokaji wines.

Nagy Tokaji Borárverés vakkóstoló - Tokaji borokThe first selection of lots took place on 10th December in Mezőzombor, where the Confrérie’s Wine Committee tasted and evaluated 39 wines. The proportion of sweet and dry lots poured in the blind tasting that day was approximately half and half.

Dry wines
The 2015 vintage was incredibly hectic. After nearly three months of intensely hot and dry weather, the persistent September rains did not make for ideal weather conditions for the ripening of the grapes. But it seems that Tokaj got the better end of the vintage as the 2015 dry wines all show superior quality. They already offer superb structure, dynamic acidity similar to 2013 and refined tannins. The almost textbook-like balance brought particular pleasure during the blind tasting.

Until now a common problem was that even if the wines were lovely, the lots had slightly higher alcohol due to a lack of optimal harvest time, a little later or longer than would have been ideal, or less disciplined structure. This has swung in an excellent direction, and perhaps the serious potential of these (extremely enjoyable and elegant) wines show improvement on those of the 2013 vintage. I have not compared data of the two vintages, but it seems that alongside the impeccable structure, these new lots are somewhat fleshier and friendly. Naturally I cannot give a complete list, but I especially liked Stephanie Berecz’s Váti Hárslevelű and Lónyai Furmint, the Disznókő dry Furmintja, the Demetervin blend from the Király and Úrágya vineyards, as well as the Tokaj Crown Estates Kővágó Furmint and Barta Winery’s new dry wine. We also tasted lovely blends from Füleky Winery and Samuel Tinon’s Szent Tamás single vineyard.

Nagy Tokaji Borárverés - Tokaji Borlovagrend - Tokaji Aszú vakkóstoló - fotóSweet wines
The range of sweet wines was also exceedingly balanced. Here were very young lots from 2013, some of which were outstanding. Serious structure and depth of flavour, dynamic acidity and plethora of minerality. We can be confident in saying there are some real classics among them. The Disznókő single variety Zéta, Hárslevelű and Furmint Aszús already gave us a wonderful wine experience. But 2011 was also to bring us some surprises. This vintage resulted in supremely clean grapes, infinite richness and still a very drinkable wine in many cases.

Nagy Tokaji Borárverés - Tokaji Borlovagrend - Tokaji Aszú kóstolóNaturally we are not to know what prices these lots will fetch. But those who are carefully following the auctions and wines sold are sure to notice that we are meeting wines with far more polished style. The balance between dry and sweet wines strengthen people’s perception of the wine region as does the increase in quality. This presentation of both these aspects of Tokaj combined with the more definite representation of terroir can be the only way for the region to rise quickly. And part of this has to be a more specific presentation of Tokaj’s uniqueness, for example, through the Great Tokaj Wine Auction.

Written by Gabriella Mészáros, wine educator and member of the Confrérie de Tokaj Wine Committee

10th December 2015

Nagy Tokaj Borarveres 2016 - vakkóstoló

Planning the Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2016!

Tokaj Spring 2016 – 22-24th April 2016

Following in the footsteps of the successful first three Great Tokaj Wine Auctions, the Confrérie de Tokaj is planning the fourth auction for 23rd April 2015. Manly single vineyard lots, they range from dry through late harvests to Tokaji Aszú and Eszencia, Furmint to Hárslevelű. Both established wineries and smaller up-and-coming producers have offered lots at previous Great Tokaj Wine Auctions. Participants to date include Bardon, Barta, Béres, Budaházy, Demetervin, Dereszla, Disznókő, Füleky, Gizella, Gróf Degenfeld, Holdvölgy, Kikelet, Kubus, Orosz Gábor, Pajzos, Patricius, Royal Tokaji, Samuel Tinon, Szent Benedek, Szent Tamás, Szepsy, Tokaj Hétszőlő, Tokaj Nobilis and Tokaj Trading House.

The Great Tokaj Wine Auction is the central event of the Tokaj Spring weekend. The interesting three-day programme offers an outstanding opportunity to discover this historic wine region and meet top producers. In addition to the exhilarating auction, there are wine dinners and vineyard tours with winemakers, a blind tasting of Auction lots, initiation of new members and a gala dinner. Thus the event helps Tokaj lovers and Confrérie members explore this dynamically emerging world that is moving forth with confidence of its excellent wines and increasing knowledge of the terroir. A great opportunity to share time and wine.

Nagy Tokaji Borárverés 2016

Tokaj Rendezvous in pictures – Kvaszinger Winery

The perfect summer’s day? How about sitting by the river with friends on a beautiful sunny day, tasting wine with the winemaker as he explains about his vineyards. Perhaps dipping your toes in the cool flowing water? Before returning to the shade of the terrace with a view for some grilled sheep cheese made by a neighbour. Certainly close to perfection.

DSC_1640 DSC_1646 DSC_1647 DSC_1671 DSC_1687 DSC_1689

DSC_1693 DSC_1700 DSC_1712 DSC_1720 DSC_1735 DSC_1739 DSC_1741

Thanks to Mathilde for the great photos.

Tokaj Rendezvous – Holdvölgy

Tokaj Rendezvous – exploring the Tokaj wine region together before the Confrérie lunch!

14th August 2015

– 10.00 meet at Szerencs station

– 10.30 for those who wish to join the bus at the Sárga Borház car park

– visit to Holdvölgy Winery cellar labyrinth in Mád:

followed by lunch at the Sárga Borház Restaurant